Meet our inspirational 2017 Emcee

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, both from the highs and lows of life. When we first met Myron and heard his story, we knew he would fit right in with the Big Omaha audience. Not only did he overcome challenges and chaos of growing up in the inner city, but he has turned his past experiences into a life of inspiring and encouraging others. Please welcome our 2017 Emcee Myron Pierce, a thought leader, author, entrepreneur, and pastor.

Myron grew up on the streets under influence of drugs, crime, and gangs. Having been sentenced to prison several times, Myron found hope after his sentence was dramatically shortened, giving him a second chance at life. After launching five churches, two serviced based companies, and an entrepreneurial incubator, Myron is now the Lead Visionary of Mission Church, a grassroots inner city mission that inspires hope, catalyzes social ventures, and engages in community development. His two books cover his life story, exceeding the usual, and cultural inclusion.

Check out this great video of Myron telling his story of hope and inspiration, and make sure to join us at this year’s Big Omaha.


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