A Taste of the Big O's Coffee, Breakfast, and Food

Pizza rolls and Asparagus Guacamole and Pop Tarts, oh my! Omaha’s big names and big hitters have stepped up to the bat to provide our attendees a taste of what the Big O food scene is all about – local, fresh, responsible and delicious food and drink. Lets run down the list so you know what you can expect from start to close.

Rise and Shine

Coffee keeps the world goin’ round, and we are excited to be featuring Beansmith as our coffee provider this year, presented by HDR. Their shop in the Old Market has been a speciality coffee staple since 2010 and has focused on sustainability and transparency from seed to cup and developing more direct relationships with coffee producers. This year, Beansmith will be bringing with them:

Drip Coffee
Cold Brew
Iced Tea
Nitro Lattes
Nitro Cold Brews
Pour Overs

Brought to you by Baird Holm Attorneys at Law, This year’s breakfast will feature a great selection of Sweet Magnolia’s pastries and more. Located in Omaha’s historic Joslyn Castle neighborhood, Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop is a boutique bakery specializing in perfectly crafted, melt-in-your-mouth confections. Sweet Magnolias will be offering:

Scones (Savory and Sweet)
Pop Tarts
Yogurt Parfaits
Several Gluten Free Options

Alongside these great breakfast options, we will be featuring Helping Oats whom is dedicated to using local ingredients to take oatmeal to a whole new level. On Thursday morning, Helping Oats will be providing Cold Oats in two flavors:

Cold Oats, classic peanut butter and lemon cardamom.

Midday Munchies

With all the learning and energy that comes with attending Big Omaha, it is natural to have quite the hunger around lunchtime. We are happy to be partnering with four different local restaurants to make sure that you have a plethora of options to sate your hunger.

Located in the heart of the Old Market, Le Bouillon offers a return to the great regional culinary heritage of France and presents their take on the comfort foods of rural France. Le Bouillon’s lunch offering will be:

Lamb Merguez (Housemade Spicy Lamb Sausage) with Cous Cous salad and yogurt sauce
Eggplant Caponata with Cous Cous salad and yogurt sauce

Also located in the Old Market (And soon Dundee as well) is Kitchen Table, who focuses on making slow food fast using real food made from scratch with the best local ingredients. Kitchen Table’s offering will be:

Mezze Box featuring:
Herb Brown Rice and Black Bean Salad with Spring Greens
Trio of Hummus
Pesto (Arugula, Almond)
Asparagus “Guacamole”
Pickled and Raw Veggies.

Via Farnia offers some of Omaha’s and the Old Market’s best italian food, and features a custom made Northern Italian style oven. Via Farnia will be offering:

Pizza Roll, with:
Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Pecorino, Grana Padano, Pistachio Pesto

Last but not least, representing Midtown, the Grey Plume is devoted to creating innovative cuisine on the forefront of modern culinary art. The Grey Plume will be offering:

Plum Creek Farm’s Chicken Salad Gougere & Pear Soup

We want to give a huge thank you to all of our partners that have made this great offering possible. Our tummies are grumbling now and so should yours, so make sure to join us at Big Omaha to get a taste of what the Big O has to offer. We will see you soon!


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