Alex Klein - Big Omaha 2017 Speaker

As we all know, technology is growing at a rapid pace that is hard for even the fastest rocket to keep up with. As technology progresses, so does the need for education. That’s why we are ecstatic to introduce Alex Klein of Kano, London native and one of our 2017 speakers.

Recognizing the need for hands on experiences for kids of all ages, Alex built the first Kano computer prototype in 2013. Kano provides an affordable way for kids to learn how to build a computer and code. Kano students can even code art and code actions in Minecraft. It takes the idea of hands-on education to another galaxy. Kano also broke records with its Kickstarter by meeting its goal in just 16 days and by raising over 15 million dollars.

Alex was chosen as an emerging thinker shaping Britain’s future by CNN, a USA TODAY Change Agent, and featured as Forbes Magazine’s standout “30 Under 30” in Education for 2014 and 2015, and is a Cambridge alumni.

To learn more about Kano and Alex’s mission to to democratize access to computers and coding information and the future of technology, make sure to join us across the pond at Big Omaha, May 17th-19th.

To view more 2017 speakers, head over to the speakers page.


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