Baldwin Cunningham - 2017 Big Omaha Speaker

Ranging from the tech world all the way to the fashion world, Big Omaha attendees and speakers have always been trendsetters. This year we are ecstatic to be flying in Baldwin Cunningham, VP of Strategy for the inspiring company Brit + Co, to continue our long history of leading the pack.

Baldwin co-founded and was CEO of Partnered, a company dedicated to connected world renowned brands with emerging technology. By connecting businesses with aligned interests, Partnered helps keep companies current and on the leading edge of technology. Trend Setting just comes natural to Baldwin, and his efforts allows him to be recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30.

Baldwin now is the VP of Strategy for Brit + Co, a company dedicated to entertaining, inspiring, educating and informing women. Featuring everything from online articles and video content, to online classes, Brit + Co has continued to inspire women across the universe.

On the side, Baldwin also is a photographer, and we have to admit they’re out of this world. Check out his instagram or his personal site for some examples of his amazing work.

To learn about everything from technology to empowering women, join us at Big Omaha 2017. Time is flying by, so make sure to get your tickets soon!

To learn more about our speakers, head over to the speaker’s page.


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