Christina Brodbeck - Big Omaha 2017 Speaker

We are on the final launch countdown to Big Omaha, with T -25 days until the explosive Big Omaha opening party. As we do our final checks pre-flight checks, we want to introduce you to Christina Brodbeck, who has done work at both NASA and Youtube, and is one of our 2017 Big Omaha Speakers.

Christina currently is a investor and founding partner of Rivet Ventures, a venture capital group dedicated to companies in women-led markets where female usage, decision-making, and purchasing are crucial to company growth, supporting both female and male founders. Christina is personally experienced as an angel investor, with over 20 startup investments.

Prior to her angel investment days, Christina was the first designer at YouTube, the now globally famous video and community platform. We are especially thankful for this as you can check out Big Omaha’s YouTube for exclusive content and past Big Omaha speakers at our YouTube page (Thanks Christina!). Check out this video of Christina talking about her time at YouTube here. Prior to being a UI Designer at YouTube, Christina worked at NASA, which just adds to her star-studded career.

To learn more about design work at NASA and the early days of YouTube, grab your tickets and join us at Big Omaha on May 17th – 19th.

If you want to dine with Christina and other 2017 speakers, plus hit up the VIP reception, check out the Big Omaha All Access Pass.

To view more of our speakers, check out the speakers page.


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