Mitch Lowe - Big Omaha 2017 Speaker

The Cinema of the future is here thanks to Mitch Lowe, one of our Big Omaha 2017 Speakers. His company, MoviePass, allows cinema lovers to have unlimited access to movies through an easy subscription model. Also former president of the famous Redbox, along with being a founding executive of Netflix, you can say he has definitely had a movie star career.

MoviePass is the new easy way to go to the cinema. By having a MoviePass subscription, you can simply reserve your spot at the cinema and show up and watch a great movie. By providing a flat price per month, it allows MoviePass holders to see as many or as little movies per month as they want.


Mitch has also began investing his time and money in the blockchain movement, which is poised to completely revolutionize the digital financial world. Originally created for the digital currency Bitcoin, blockchain is being explored for other applications by entrepreneurs around the world.


To learn more about the movie industry, Mitch’s experiences in his star-studded career, and get to know the blockchain movement, make sure to join us at Big Omaha on May 17-19th!


To learn more about our Big Omaha speakers, head over to the speaker’s page.


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