Nish Nadaraja - Big Omaha 2017 Speaker

Big Omaha is by far the most experience rich and cool conference on innovation and entrepreneurship in the entire nation, and that’s why we are bringing in founding member of Rich Kid Cool and past Yelp executive Nish Nadaraja as one of our 2017 Big Omaha Speakers.

Known as Yelp’s original Community Manager, Nish brought spunk, marketing prowess, and other skills to bring to life Yelp’s Elite Program and Community Manager Program. Both programs had a dynamic impact on Yelp’s success and helped pave the path to where the company is at now.


Most recently he has been working as a consultant through his new company Rich Kid Cool, which may be the greatest name ever for a marketing firm. To be honest, we are expecting them to drop a fire mixtape any day now. Outside of his work with startups and their marketing needs, Nish is an avid foodie and still to this day posts punny reviews of all the places that he eats at. His pun skills may almost be better than his marketing, or are they just intertwined? Nish is also a successful restaurant investor, bringing passion to work. 


To learn more about puns, marketing, food, and everything else about being Rich Kid Cool and dropping mixtapes, make sure to join us at Big Omaha 2017 on May 17th-19th.

To see more of our 2017 Big Omaha Speakers, head over to the speaker page.


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