Shirley Chung - Big Omaha 2017 Speaker

Food and energy go hand in hand with Big Omaha, which is why every year we bring you a delicious selection of local lunch and breakfast options to help energize you for all of the awesome speakers and events at Big Omaha. This year we are upping the ante by flying in another great and energetic speaker and Top Chef finalist, Shirley Chung, as one of our Big Omaha 2017 speakers.

Shirley grew up in Beijing, China in a neighborhood close to the Forbidden City. From a young age, Shirley became known for her energy and her need to explore. China is known for its wide range of food cultures and Shirley was able to experience many of them as she traveled with her family through China. She was even able to try many Chinese delicacies. Would you try monkey brain?

During her college years, Shirley immigrated to California and later became involved with startups in the Silicon Valley. Shirley soon decided to pursue her passion for food, and enrolled in culinary school. One thing led to the other, and she landed on season 11 of the reality tv show BravoTVs’s Top Chef and competed again in season 14 earning runner-up!

To learn more about Shirley’s transition from Silicon Valley hustler to Top Chef finalist, join us at Big Omaha 2017, and stay tuned for details on a special event during Big Omaha featuring Shirley’s cuisine!

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